5 Effective Ways of Parenting in the 21st Century

1. Role Model Parenting

Children are the best copy-cats. Yes, you heard me right! They imitate their parents better than any other person. It is, therefore, critical for parents to learn to walk the talk. Have you heard of the saying, “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach”?

2. Love Your Children and Show Them

Parents should never assume that their children know that they love them. Tell them! Show them as well! If possible, repeat it every day. No child could ever get bored with a parent who hugs and wishes good morning/night to them. These are simple gestures that every child enjoys.

3. Communication with Your Children

How often do you engage your children on a one-on-one basis? Imagine a scenario where family members are busy on the phone the whole day. Social media has become the in thing; parents and children can get lost in their worlds. Also, social media has all the entertainment and information that they need. It is, therefore, necessary for a parent to cultivate two-way communication with their children at all times.

4. Captivate Honesty with Your Children

One of the most critical aspects of parenting is to model honesty. Children learn from listening and watching their parents deal with their bosses, friends, and siblings. Have you ever lied to your friend in front of your children?

5. Friendship with Your Children

Why do some children run from their sitting room when parents walk into the house? You guessed right! They are not friends!


The most fulfilling reward to any parent is to watch their children grow in stature, honor, and success. Parents can experience this joy and peace by practicing the stated virtues. Every parent wants the best for their children and wants to watch them flourish and excel in all aspects.



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